There are no rules in creating . . . JUST FUN!

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About “An Artpiece A Day”…

It all began with a dream and now it is a reality. The "artist" within all of us awaits patiently for your permission to express itself. As I've mentioned before, there are no right, wrong or even rules in creating . . . just fun!

This website was created to share what I have discovered in the process of creating an "An Artpiece A Day". Yes, I have created at least one artpiece everyday. The beneficial rewards are endless, not to mention one's own amazing story when they meet the dormant artist that lives within one's self. What a discovery! What an adventure it has been, and continues to be, everyday! I am too excited to keep it to myself, I had to share this concept with others! So, come in...look around...join in on the fun and share your own "artpieces" too.