Patio Project Challenge

My artistic mind could not accept this patio as is. I needed to come up with a design that would “invite” me in. I sat on the idea for a few months waiting for the inspiration to hit me.

“Bam” it hit me in June 2020. I was so excited I could hardly sleep. I got up early that morning and started measuring the floor plan of the patio. Thought it through, drew out several design plans until I was happy with one.

Used materials/items ONLY! Wow, now that is going to expand my imagination…beyond the box! Not to mention my abilities. I would have to learn new skills – building stuff.

My artistic abilities are wide spread – cooking, painting, crafting, drawing and who knows what else. I never, ever say, “I “cannot” do anything”, without trying.

How am I going to get the materials needed for this project?

OFFER-UP…I will monitor it for used materials: wood, bricks, fencing and etc.

One month I’ve been monitoring this site! No luck. I was always missing out, no matter how early I got out of bed. Until, I had a dream…post on the Nextdoor app.. I did, and here we are updating my 2017 website’s blog to include my project challenges.

Posting this “Patio Project Challenge” was the most exciting thing I have done in my retired life, thus far. The communities’ responses were incredible.