A big “THANK YOU” to all of you for participating in my Patio Project Challenge: MaryAnne Cole, John/Alicia Shaffer, Jennie Dahlby, Claire Kilborne, David Smith, Amanda Jorgensen, Elisa Davidson, Kevin Bacon, Robert Thomas, Fred/Becky Wier, Chris Skilton, Fred Parker, Barb Dwyer, and Diane Rautio.  If I missed anyone, please comment below.   

Materials received:

-Bricks/pavers, wood, cabinet doors, closet doors, shelving, bed frames, weathered wood fencing, desks, 2 Lounge Chairs w/Table, 2 bistro chairs, and other misc things that I could make into an art piece.  

Now comes the “fun” part…building or creating pieces of cool stuff for this patio project.

Onto painting, cutting, building and who knows what else…thanks again everybody!!!