About this site


It all began with a dream and now it is a reality. There is an “artist” just waiting to be born in all of us. There are no right, wrong or even rules in creating . . . just an adventure of fun!

This website was created to share what I have discovered in creating “An Artpiece A Day”. Yes, I have created one art piece everyday. It has not only been rewarding, but an interesting journey discovering the artist within one’s true self. What an adventure it has been and continues to be! And now, I want to share this wonderful part of my life’s journey with all of you.

What I have discovered . . .

What I have discovered along my way is this. . .everyone can be an artist. Creativity resides in the right side of our brain. We have been equipped with the ability to create from the day we were born.

All you have to do is unlock that creative inner you. How? Remove those illusionary beliefs that a lot of us carried for far too long. Beliefs such as…I need art schooling, or gifted talents, or I wish I could draw. It is not beyond your reach. Everyone is an “artist” if they allow themselves to be. Allow yourself the “freedom” to create, expressing yourself through each art piece is all part of the fun! Think about it…we all are creating unique “one-of-a-kind” art pieces. So, let yourself shine! The rewards are endless.

I can promise IMG_2633you this, every art piece created will be different. You will be surprised and amazed with yourself and your accomplishments. It is not what you know, but how you feel that creates your art piece each day.

Join me on this new adventure of FUN! Let’s all become the artist we were meant to be.

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