About Me



Hi, I’m BJay Santiago…


Thank you for visiting my website, something I never dreamt of doing, ever.  But, here I am conversing with you telling a little about myself – now that’s a rarity I can assure you, being the private person that I am, or should I say was.

So here I am creating a website and  joining social media sites as well, all because I am too excited to hold it in.  Hold in what, you say?  The fun and excitement in creating an artpiece everyday!

The freedom of expression is beyond words.  My creativity space is limitless ever since I removed those illusionary bars that kept me in  my own prison for years.

I now call it “creativity without negativity”.   I don’t have to be perfect and I don’t have to follow any rules; I’m just being me! Try it yourself,  I promise you will not be disappointed.

Check out my artpieces and notice how different every piece is. I never know what I’ll be creating when I sit down to create.  But, I’m always amazed with the end result.

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